This is the homepage for the Substance Information Exchange Forums (SIEFs) of vanadium substances considered by the Vanadium Consortium for REACh registration (listed on this page). Please visit the substance-specific webpage for more information on SIEF activities for a particular vanadium substance.

A SIEF is formed for a particular substance pre-registered for REACh. The SIEF Members are all the pre-registrants who intend to register the same substance or data holders. A SIEF has no prescribed legal form, but it is a forum to share data and to organise the development of the dossier required for REACh registration. Pre-registrants can participate as a SIEF member at different activity levels: very active, involved, passive, and dormant. All SIEFs shall remain operational until 1 June 2018.

The Secretariat of the Vanadium Consortium is acting as SIEF Facilitator on behalf of the respective Lead Registrant for each of the considered vanadium substances.

The Vanadium Consortium has conducted a Sameness Survey for the considered vanadium substances. Respondents that participated in the Sameness Survey are considered to be Active Members of the SIEF. The Secretariat of the Vanadium Consortium will work with Active Members within each SIEF. If you would like to become an Active Member, please E-mail the SIEF Facilitator.
Pre-registrants that have not yet participated in the Sameness Survey for a vanadium substance can access it on the webpage for the considered substance. Thus, in the future, new respondents to the Sameness Survey may also become Active Members.

Pre-registrants that plan on joining the Vanadium Consortium are welcome. Relevant membership information can be found here.

SIEF activities

  • Nomination & election of the Lead Registrant
  • Coordination of data sharing between companies (avoid duplication of studies and unnecessary testing)
  • Agree on information and data to be jointly submitted for REACh registration:

Obligatory: Hazard data, including testing proposals
Obtional: Chemical Safety Report & Guidance on Safe Use

  • Agree on Classification & Labelling

The Vanadium Consortium is preparing the registration dossier, i.e. the IUCLID file, in cooperation with the SIEF for the considered vanadium substances. The nominated Lead Registrant for the specific vanadium substance will submit the REACh Registration Dossier. All other co-registrants will refer to it when submitting their registration.

Intending registrants are able to purchase a Letter of Access (LoA) from the Vanadium Consortium. An LoA will grant the permission to refer to the technical dossier for the specific purpose of REACh registration. As a Chemical Safety Report (CSR) is part of the technical dossier, it can be included in the data package. The cost of an LoA is differentiated by the tonnage band intended for registration.

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Useful links

ECHA Fact sheets & Guidance:

The Vanadium Consortium is acting as SIEF facilitator for Vanadium Consortium member registrants who indicated their willingness at Pre-Registration to conduct this activity for the substances listed on this page.