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(Divanadium trioxide, EINECS No. 215-230-9)

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SIEF – Who is who?

  • Lead Registrant: Treibacher Industrie AG
  • SIEF Facilitator: Vanadium Consortium on behalf of the Lead Registrant.
  • Pre-registrants can participate in the SIEF at different activity levels: very active, involved, passive, and dormant.

Divanadium trioxide was successfully REACH registered as "intermediate > 1000 tpy” by the Lead Registrant in November 2010 and was registered as "substance > 100 tpy” in May 2013.

The dossier disseminated by ECHA can be accessed here

 If you are a SIEF-member that is not a member of the Vanadium Consortium, you will need to:

  • Purchase a Letter of Access (LoA) to the technical dossier from the Vanadium Consortium. For further details, please visit the LOA website.
  • Join the Joint Submission for this substance in REACH-IT. You will receive the needed details after you have purchased your Letter of Access.
  • Prepare and submit your joint-submission REACH-registration dossier to ECHA. After an LoA purchase, the Vanadium Consortium will provide Joint-Submission Guidance and a template IUCLID file.

Technical Dossier compilation:

  • The Vanadium Consortium has been actively working for several years to collect, generate and compile the data required for REACH registration of this substance.
    • Collect and generate data required as per REACH Annex VII – IX  completed
    • Data entry into IUCLID                               completed
    • Identification of Uses                                  completed
    • Chemical Safety Assessment                      completed
    • Chemical Safety Report                              completed
    • Exposure Scenarios                                    completed
    • Develop classification & labeling proposal  completed
    • Submission of Registration Dossier:           completed

 Options to fulfil your REACH Registration obligations:

  1. Join the registration by means of a Letter of Access to the Registration Dossier on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.
  2. Join the registration by means of membership to the Vanadium Consortium.

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ECHA Fact sheets & Guidance:

The Vanadium Consortium is acting as SIEF facilitator for Vanadium Consortium member registrants who indicated their willingness at Pre-Registration to conduct this activity for the substances listed on this page.